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Below is my first blog post – that I actually wrote on the plane on my way here…..

Saturday January 29, 2011

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! The idea behind this blog is to keep you, my friends and family, updated on my experiences and adventures that I have during this semester in Costa Rica, as well as for possible future ACM students, to give you an idea of what the program is like.

As many of you know, I have been looking forward to this experience for quite some time: making the decision to study abroad was probably one of the easiest that I’ve ever made. Yes, there are some things that I feel I will be “missing” back home, because a semester can be a long time, but at the same time I feel that the opportunity to have an adventure such as this doesn’t happen very often and the experiences that I will have will be priceless.

I have also found out that this experience already involves many different emotions. Excitement and anticipation are obviously the most prevalent, like I said, but they are followed closely by a bit if nervousness. Thankfully, I have close friends that went on an ACM program for the fall semester, so I have heard many of their stories and they have been able to answer so many of my questions – and I believe that has greatly reduced the level of anxiety that I would otherwise be experiencing (Thanks Esti and Kari!)

Still, there is a lot that I don’t know exactly how it will go, which is why as I sit here on the plane on my way there, I can feel the nerves creeping in a little bit. But overall I am just excited to get this adventure undwerway…

As a reminder, or for those of you that didn’t know yet, the program that I am on is for both Spanish and Biology; my time here will include Spanish language and culture classes, as well as an independent field research project. For my project, I will be working on an organic cocoa farm – but I will update you with more about that later….



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  1. Hola Rachel! Your mom sent the link to your blog, and I just finished and enjoyed reading about your adventure. I too am on an adventure of sorts, as I have moved to Milwaukee to “parent” Joe through his last two classes at Marquette. So far, so good. We did just have a blizzard, the worst in the past 20+ years! I must admit, it was beautiful. Looking forward to following your experiences in Costa Rica. Enjoy, and be safe. Love, Mary

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