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So the other day, I was about to complain as we were walking from school to catch the bus home because it was cloudy and a little windy, so it seemed “chilly” – but then I reminded myself that compared to what I left behind (this):

(my home in December)

and what many of my friends are experiencing:


including the current below-zero temperatures, I really have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Here are a few photos to help show why I am in love with the place where I get to have class all day:

This is a view of our classroom from outside on the patio – these doors stay open all day so we always have fresh air and the sound of bird calls – also with the occasional yapping of the neighbors’ dogs.

The view from inside the classroom, so you can see part of our backyard – the table that will soon be drenched in (almost too much) sun. (This picture was taken almost first thing in the morning, while the sun is still blocked by the building). The orange flowers are visited quite often by hummingbirds.

The other part of our backyard – the lower patio – where I like to sit and read. (Again, only shaded this much in the morning) The tree on the left side is a mango tree. Also notice the mountains in the background.

And last, but not least, our supply of organic bananas that Chris brings from his farm each week, which we hang in the cage to let them mature if needed but protect them from the birds and squirrels who love to eat them as much as we do…

We’ve been keeping fairly busy between working on our research project proposals, field trips (both for class and personal trips), and spending time with our families, so there will be more stories to come soon, but for now I have to get back to class…

Oh wait, one more: even the money in this country is beautiful – here are two samples: The top is 5000 colones (sometimes called “un tucán” because there is a toucan in the image), and the bottom is 20,000 colones, which is called a colibrí (which means hummingbird)


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