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This past weekend was the only weekend of the month that we don’t have a class or research trip planned, and so we were able to make our own plans for a trip. We all wanted to take advantage of the beautiful “summer” (dry season) weather here and the fact that we are in Costa Rica, so of course the logical answer was: Vamos a la playa! (We’ll go to the beach!) Since we were trying to organize such a large group trip in a very short amout of time, we kept it pretty simple: we chose Manuel Antonio,  a well-known National Park/Beach that is relatively close to San Jose. We left early Saturday morning and once we arrived we went straight to the beach and spent nearly all day there. It was much warmer in Manuel Antonio compared to San José, and I was thankful for the clouds that were there on Saturday that gave us some break from the force of the sun. (Of course, I still ended up burnt – I swear I was putting on sunscreen everyfew hours!). It was pretty busy and touristy, but I still definitely enjoyed it. I learned the strength of the ocean the hard way, as we got pummled by waves while we were trying to cool off in the open water at the public beach.  It was also my first experience with a hostel, and I think we were pretty lucky. We paid $10 per person for a night, and had dinner & refreshments there on Saturday night and made friends with the staff.

Our Hostel

One of my many pictures of one of the beaches at Manuel Antonio

Sunday was another gorgeous day – almost too gorgeous for me, as there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky (of course I took the majority of my pictures on Saturday, when there were clouds, but I’m sure you can still appreciate the beauty of these beaches from what I have…) The beaches inside the park are absolutely perfect. The water here was also much more calm and clear – perfect for swimming. We also got to witness the famous thieves of Manuel Antonio – the monkeys (and even a few racoons) that take advantage of distracted tourists and steal their belongings – especially if they detect food. We were able to hike a bit around the rest of the park before catching the last bus back to San Jose.

We even  made it back in time to head to a bar to watch the second half of the Superbowl. The few of us that went had a great time talking to the other “fans” that were there – most of them were just cheering anytime that something exciting happened. But I have to say I loved hearing the cheers of “Go Packers, Go Packers” with their strong Spanish accents – which I really wish I could describe how it actually sounded (something like “Góh Pahquers” is the closest representation I can give you…)


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  1. Boy oh Boy, that weather sounds incredible and I am very envious!! It was 17 below this morning:( Enjoy all the sunshine-I’m sure your tan will be great by the time you are back in Minnesota!! Love Sue

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