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It always seems to go that as soon as you get used to a certain place or routine, it changes. That is exactly what is happening to me this week: we are used to our routine of long days at ACM, dinner with my family, and hanging out with friends at night. San José is growing on me: getting to know not only our little world between ACM, UCR (University of Costa Rica), and home – so that I recognized people on the bus in the morning, or our waiters at our favorite bar that know our preferred orders; but also starting to explore into San José and finding new fun and culturally important places. But now, we have to leave that all behind (for a little while) as we adventure out to our rural sites. Each one of us will be in a different site – so it will be really sad not to see the friends I’ve gotten to know over the past month, but it will also be really exciting to be the only gringa around, and have a chance to get fully immersed in the culture (and language) of rural Costa Rica. I promise I will write soon with more detail about my research site/project in my next post, but since I’m short on time, I’ll sum up my thoughts about leaving this weekend in a few sentences:

Things I will miss about San Jose: Playing soccer with some friends from class and our host siblings’ friends on the concrete basketball court/soccer field; the chance to feel an earthquake (I happened to be napping during the small rumble that was supposedly felt in San Jose last Sunday), the cool but sunny, comfortable climate, the ACM building and staff, and my classmates.

Things I am looking forward to in my rural stay: My host mom’s cooking, especially with the ingredients picked off the trees in our backyard, living in a house that smells like chocolate most of the time, being the only gringa around (aka NO ENGLISH!!), being forced to make more tico friends in order to have anything to do in my free time, and living the pace of life of a rural community.

Pura Vida.


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