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I keep falling further and further behind in my blog: there are experiences I want to share, but between trying to wade through pages and pages of data and statistics and put together a final research paper and presentation plus trying to experience and enjoy my last weeks in this country, there’s not much “down time” to use to write about it all. Buut, there continue to be wonderful things that I get to do and see, like the following story that I must share with you.

So, a couple weeks ago (wow, I really am behind), our class had a scheduled trip to Punta Leona – an ecologically based private resort community on the Pacific coast – for a day at the beach. Well, we all agreed that a few hours at the beach wasn’t enough for us, and since we didn’t have class scheduled for the next day, we decided to use our director’s connections to arrange staying for the night at the resort’s hotel. It was definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made in Costa Rica – it led to an amazingly beautiful experience.

First, we arrived in Punta Leona mid-morning and spent some time on Playa Blanca – a beach rated as one of the best in Costa Rica. Although it was a cloudy day (we can tell the rainy season is setting in), we were still able to enjoy our time relaxing on the beach and floating in the ocean waves – a great break from working on our projects. Then we went to Carabela’s, one of the resort’s restaurants, where you dine (on delicious comida) practically in the forest. However, this also means that the animals have learned where they can find food for free, so we had some visitors as well, like birds and this brave garobo:

...and the view of Playa Blanca that morning.

But later that evening is when the real magic happened. The afternoon we spent on the beach near our hotel, soaking up some sun that finally appeared, and getting jet-ski rides from some fellow resort guests, until the sun started to set. From what I’ve seen, when the sun sets on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it doesn’t usually just set – it goes down in style. Well, the show that night in Punta Leona was simply spectacular. Lets see if I can re-enact the story with pictures:

The view from the beach outside of our hotel

Trying to catch dinner, with a beautiful backdropI went to dip my feet and got a bit surprised by a strong wave

The golden light of the sun lighting up the trees of what was soon to be dubbed "Miracle Beach"


And another part of the miracle appeared: a rainbow over the beach

So beautiful

but don't forget this view (and these colors!)

But wait - It's a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

An evening rainbow

Amazing colors over the Pacific Ocean

Enjoying the view of the sky and ocean on fire

To wrap up the trip, we spent a few hours after dark lounging in the pool until we were chased out by a lightening storm & closing time, has some laughs hanging out together and taking crazy pictures, and the following day we spent the rest of the time on the beach. I went exploring some tide pools in the morning to find all sorts of interesting marine life (interesting for a biology nerd like me), and then we played a game of soccer in the sand until the tide covered our field. Turns out we had to stand nearly the entire 2-hour bus ride back to San Jose, but the memory of that amazing sunset and time spent together was one of the most memorable moments I will take away from this semester.

A view of Playa Blanca the next morning, from the rocky tide pools

A view of Playa Blanca the next morning form the rocky tide pools (top), and Last but not least, relaxing in the characteristic Punta Leona Palm


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